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1. One of the important reasons why Twinwin can develop rapidly is Twinwin¡¯s excellent culture. With the spirit of pursuit endless perfectness, meticulously satisfy customer requirement and the nuclear management doctrine of honesty, creation, rationality and continuality, Twinwin culture extrudes the enterprise culture characteristic with take technology as a precondition, strict and careful management as root, customer-satisfaction as tenet.

2. An excellent enterprise must have excellent enterprise culture. And excellent enterprise culture does help to build a successful enterprise. Twinwin take human resource as enterprise¡¯s development¡¯s most important resource. Enterprise¡¯s responsibility is not only to produce product but also to serve community and bring up staff. Twinwin enterprise culture is to build a united, development, face truth and creation workteam to facing the new century.

Never stop thinking and creation move a never stop Twinwin. Time flies quickly and easily and the world change rapidly. As development , change of the science and technology each passing day, old, recent technology and way will be replaced. But it is worth Twinwin¡¯s pride that we have a ambition to make progress endless, have our continuous creation culture and have endless human resource.

Twinwin¡¯s enterprise culture, pursuit a kind of bourn, to unite everyone through culture and unite all strengthes to forward our enterprise.

Facing new century, new millenary, Twinwin people are confident and full of braveness, target great ambition. In the coming 10 years, Twinwin will work hard to carry out globalization development stratagem, rely on high technology, continually to enhance our integrated competitive strength, rooted in the doctrine of honesty, creation, rationality and continuality, and strike toward Internationalization and Industrialization. Twinwin goal¨Cto make Twinwin famous brand of weaving handycraft in China.

Respect and carry out, love and follow it. The Self-value, excitement of creation, happiness of work, join here, and here we realize in Twinwin.

Twinwin doctrine: honesty, creation, rationality and continuality

Twinwin principle: Quality is first, credit and repution is root.

Twinwin spirit: pursuit endless perfectness, meticulously satisfy                      customer requirement

Twinwin goal: make Twinwin famous brand of weaving handycraft in                    China

Twinwin slogan: love staff, respect customer.

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