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ICP Registration NO.:09006834(GUANGXI)

Guangxi Mashan Twinwin weaving handycraft factory established in 1998, whose former name is Guangxi Mashan Weiye weaving factory. Over the past 8 more year, Twinwin set up a scientific production system step by step : self-R&D, self-design and self-production.

To meet development of new status, integrate the need of operation, Twinwin leadership decided to reintegrated resource and changed the name officially to be: Guangxi Mashan Twinwin Weaving handycraft factory.

Twinwiní»s major range involved in handycrafts made of rattan, bamboo, fern, grass, rope, wicker, hyacinth, wire, man-made marble, etc. The various styles and complete kinds of products are all designed by ourselves.

We have various kinds of weaving handycrafts made of chicken-bone rattan, dragon rattan and horsetail rattan in different shapes such as round base, round cone, flat base, square cone, horn sling basket; Santa statue, spotted deer statue made of golden threadrattan; chicken statue,

duck statue made of coconut leaf; Easter rabbit statues and decoration flower vase made of grass; and bamboo headgear, wooden flower stand, marble flower stand, wire gardening flower stand and all kinds of household hyacinth dustbin and rattan basket, with national characteristic, Etc.

We now mainly export to European country such as British, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands; Asian country such as Japan, South Korea; North Americaí»s Canada and USA. We are welcome by our customers due to our newand grace design, reasonable price and timely delivery.

Twinwin Management style: factory + production base úź farmer. Factory mainly focuses on R&D, design, general regulation and control. Production bases respond for production technology supervision and control, follow up farmersí» production status and final quality inspection and quantity-checking.

Now we have two 2 hand weaving production base, each production base have 5 working teams, can organize more than 1000 farmers. Yield more than 10 HQ containers monthly and annual yield is 4 to 5 million USD. Twinwin plan to build 3 to 5 more production bases to become hand weaving production center in Guangxi province within 3 to 5 years, as we are developing rapidly.

Over the past 8 more year hard-working, to meet the need of international market ofEU, North American and Asia, Twinwin elaborately and devotedly builds a completely systemic,quick-response marketing net.Twinwin people always insists to í«take technology as a precondition, strict and careful management as root, customer-satisfaction as tenetí». Obey the doctrine of pursuit endless perfectness, meticulously satisfy customer requirement. Fulfil Contractí»s all details. Meet customers all over the world with prime quality service. Welcome abroad and domestic customers to visit our factory and do business. We will cooperate with you on our warm and sincere service and prime quality product.

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